Municipal lawyers urge court to reopen parking dispute

May 14, 2019 GMT

SAGINAW, Mich. (AP) — Lawyers who work for local governments across the U.S. are urging a federal court to take another look at a controversy over marking tires to enforce parking rules in a Michigan city.

The International Municipal Lawyers Association objects to a recent decision by a three-judge panel at a federal appeals court. The group says the decision “effectively guts” parking enforcement.

The panel said marking tires in Saginaw qualifies as a search under the Fourth Amendment and could be illegal. The decision applies only in Michigan and three other states, but the lawyers group says the “implications ... are wide-ranging.”


The group Monday urged the full appeals court to reopen the case. Saginaw city workers mark tires with chalk and return to see if the vehicle still is parked after two hours.