Award-winning ‘Canal Street Film’ premieres in Houston in October

September 22, 2018 GMT

Berry Dynamic PR Agency has announced Houston’s 2nd annual Wrongful Convictions Awareness Event in presenting American Black Film Festival Award Winning “Canal Street” Clips and Conversations on Oct. 10 at The Ensemble Theater on 3535 South Main St.

This year’s topic is “It Wasn’t Me,” a cocktail-themed symposium of never before scenes of the film with Film Director Rhyann LaMarr and Bishop Eric Garnes featuring special cast member appearances. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Event is from 6 to 9 p.m.

“Canal Street” is a modern-day thriller telling the story of teenager Kholi Styles, trying to get by in an unwelcoming new world. After the mysterious death of a classmate, all eyes fall on Kholi, the new kid at his high school. It’s up to his father, Jackie Styles, an up-and-coming lawyer from the slums of Chicago, to defend his son in court and battle an outraged public before time runs out. Jackie fights to keep his faith and prove his son is not the monster the world has made him out to be.

“It’s frightening to see the increasing number of innocent lives falling victim of the system that’s supposed to protect and serve,” Event Coordinator and Owner of Berry Dynamic Ciara Suesberry states. “Choosing to premiere this movie allows us to leverage its message by upholding the power it possesses through proper education.”

Last year, Berry Dynamic premiered “Marshall,” the story of the late Supreme Court Judge Thurgood Marshall, who was wrongfully indicted in 1940 prompting his career in law.

Sharing wrongful accusations, former Green Bay Packers football player Chris Darkins debuted his experience with the “injustice” system and how using his knowledge of the law aided him in reclaiming his freedom in 2016. His speech was followed by words of NAACP President of the Missouri City branch Lynette Reddix, Attorney Warren Houston of The People’s Law Study Group, performance by Grammy award winning poet Trinity, then the premiere of film. Later, Berry Dynamic was awarded a United States Certificate of Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee for raising awareness and providing solutions on how to combat injustice.

Houstonians are anticipating this film because it offers a relatable platform and hopefully some tips to families seeking helpful ways to cope with the separation from their love one due to incarceration.

“We immediately saw the value in supporting Berry Dynamic’s vision,” The Ensemble Theater’s Artistic Director Eileen Morris states. This subject really hits close to home for me because I am the mother of an incarcerated son. The toughest part is adjusting your mind frame to make the best of the time you get to spend with your love one.”

Canal Street was written and directed by Film Director Rhyan Lamarr and executively produced by Bishop Eric Garnes. In addition to the American Black Film Festival, the Chicago based film has been featured in the New York Latino Film Festival and BronzeLens Film Festival inspiring lives across the nation. The film has not been released in theaters, so this event will give attendees exclusive access to interact with the film and relate to the characters. Cast members of the film include “Empire” star Bryshere Gray, “The Bobby Brown Story” star Woody McClain, Lance Reddick, Mekhi Phifer, Michael Beach, Juani Feliz and Mykelti Williamson.