Alex Jones appears outside Senate tech hearing on Capitol Hill

September 5, 2018 GMT

Right-wing media personality Alex Jones made an unexpected appearance on Capitol Hill early Wednesday as executives from Twitter and Facebook testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The Texas-based Infowars publisher held an impromptu press conference outside the committee hearing Wednesday morning, a day after telling The Washington Times in an interview he wanted to testify in light of being recently punted off platforms operated by several of Silicon Valley’s largest companies.

“Why do I never get to testify?” Mr. Jones, 44, told The Times. “You’re going to sit there and lie about me in Congress, and say things that I never said, and I’m not going to get to have any representative or anybody there.”


Mr. Jones held the press conference Wednesday as the committee asked questions of Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Twitter, and Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, during a hearing devoted to Russian interference in U.S. elections.

Lawmakers were expected to touch on other topics during the hearing including political censorship, and Mr. Jones told The Times that he expected to be discussed after igniting a free speech debate upon being booted last month from multiple services, including Facebook and Google’s YouTube.

“All of these companies are moving into China, and they are all colluding together,” Mr. Jones told reporters outside the hearing.