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5 East Kauai Lion veterans honored

November 22, 2016

LIHUE — Lionism took a back seat Thursday night during the meeting of the East Kauai Lions Club at the Lihue Neighborhood Center.

“Tonight is not about Lionism,” said Harvey Kinoshita. “We’re doing Lion business, but tonight is about our veterans.”

Jeffrey Pears, a Marine, Jim Jung of the U.S. Coast Guard, and Lorenzo Gonzales of the U.S. Army were special guests of the EK Lions, being joined by Aida Cruz of the Kauai Veterans Center who conducted the “We Honor Veterans” pinning ceremony at the meeting.

Acknowledging their military service and sacrifices by the Lions who served in the military along with their families, Pears led the pinning ceremony that presented a certificate and a “We Honor Veterans” pin to the vests of the honored Lions.

The pin joins the collection of other Lion pins on the distinctive Lion vests belonging to Kelvin Moniz, Paul Endo, Kinoshita, Jim Whitfield and Ed Robinson.

“All the Lion clubs on this island should do this,” Kinoshita said. “I’m sure they have Lions who served.”