Man who caused police standoff to sue agencies for $120M

December 11, 2018 GMT

DIXMONT, Maine (AP) — A Maine man who caused a standoff that ended with him being shot three times and his home destroyed by a police explosive filed notice Monday that he intends to sue law enforcement agencies, arguing they didn’t wait for a negotiator trained to handle mental health crises and failed to obtain a proper warrant to use a bomb,

A claim sent Monday to state police and other departments by Michael Grendell, 62, requests $120 million in damages. The Maine attorney general’s office had no comment, according to the Bangor Daily News .


Police were called to Grendell’s home in Dixmont in June after a neighbor said he shot at him the day before. Officers eventually used an explosive to draw Grendell out of his house and then shot him when he came out with a rifle, authorities said.

Police had a chance to arrest Grendell when they arrived and he momentarily exited the residence in his underwear with his hands out, Grendell’s attorney, David Bate, told The Associated Press. His client had been experiencing delusions due to “severe mental illness,” he said.

“He thought they were the fake police,” Bate said, who said it was the first time Maine authorities bombed a citizen. “Then they blew up his house.”

Grendell fired his gun only when provoked by police, who had used a pole-arm extension to break one of his windows, Bate said. Officers returned gunfire, and Bate said Grendell shot only at armored vehicles or trees.

Police then decided to bomb down the wall of Grendell’s home so they could see where Grendell was inside, according to Bate. Grendell shot and disabled the robot delivering the bomb, which police detonated, Bate said.

Grendell then left his home with a baseball bat, picked up a rifle and was shot by police while trying to load it, Bate said.

“All the mental issues he had going on and the trauma, the concussive effect of the bomb and the house blowing up on him, he was in such a state, they had basically rendered him not responsible for his conduct at that point,” Bate said.

In October, authorities sentenced Grendell to four years of probation and three years in prison with all but the time he had served suspended, on charges including criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.


Information from: Bangor Daily News,