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Kurt Krueger: A lack of understanding on guns

May 19, 2018 GMT


In one of your recent letters, “Military-style weapons”, the author implied that those of us that own an AR-15 own it because we “need” it. If I remember correctly, I bought one (tactical version) because I “wanted” it. It’s the most versatile rifle made at this time.

You can design your own rifle that fits you, except you can’t make it fully auto and no one I know has a bump stock because it will ruin your gun. What bothers me is the ignorant arm chair quarterbacks that tells me and others how we think and we’re of moral turpitude because we own a rifle that they think is a military weapon.

These are the same people that think you can fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds with an AR. Really? Go ahead and try it, with your rifle. The barrel will melt and the gun will blow up before you reach 150 rounds.

What I find annoying is this concept of we “need” it. Again, mine was purchased because I “wanted” it. However, being objective, the Colorado University in Colorado Springs has a course in “witnessing whiteness.”

Their goal is to teach “Indicators of “white culture” include “individualism, consumerism, meritocracy as an ideal, superficiality, competition, ambition, productivity, [and] extreme exploitation of labor/resources for profit’’.

We also have the extreme left (that doesn’t understand that climate models aren’t following collected data) that wants to put climate change deniers in prison, if you’re white and you say anything, you are automatically a racist, and, if you’re white, should you wear a sombrero, wear a Chinese dress, or practice with Japanese weaponry, you are now violating cultural appropriations. Now I have a reason to “need” an AR because, just by magic, I now have a target on my back because I’m white. And, I haven’t done anything. I didn’t shoot up a classroom, or anywhere else, with an AR. Why would I want to hurt anybody in the first place? Besides, how come legal gun owners always take the blame, but the perp never does. Why is that? Just saying.

Kurt Krueger