State senator renews call for voter photo ID

October 14, 2017 GMT

A state senator who chairs the committee overseeing Nebraska elections says he again will push for voter photo ID.

That recommendation is among a number outlined by Sen. John Murante of Gretna in a letter to the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.

Murante tells reporters during a Capitol news conference Nebraskans support the concept.

“People of Nebraska do not understand why identification is required for so many parts of their lives, but it is not required to receive a ballot,” according to Murante.

Murante rejects notions that requiring photo identification would disenfranchise minority voters.

“I am committed to insuring that everyone who votes on Election Day is legally entitled to vote and that not a single person who is not qualified to vote casts a ballot,” Murante says. “Those two principles are not in conflict with each other.”

Murante chairs the Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee, which reviews proposed election legislation.

Murante assures Nebraska voters the state election system is secure. He says some states have had problems, but those states have used touchscreen machines or have allowed voting via the internet. Nebraska continues to use paper ballots tabulated by electronic machines not connected to the internet.

“I don’t believe Nebraska is going to deviate from the paper ballot going forward. I don’t sense any momentum for that happening,” Murante says.

In his letter to the commission, Murante recommends four steps to insure voters have confidence in the process: enact voter identification laws, create a mechanism to check citizenship status, expand voter registration cross-checking among states, and upgrade aging election equipment.