Sound waves: What everyone is saying about Nebraska-Northwestern

October 14, 2018

The Huskers were so close to picking up their first win of the season on Saturday afternoon. In fact, Nebraska needed just one play to go its way to secure the first victory of the Scott Frost era. That play never came.

The Huskers lost to Northwestern 34-31 in overtime. You, the fans, were not happy. Here are the best tweets from Saturday’s eventful game.

Larry The Cable Guy isn’t pleased

I understand we’re rebuilding and I’m excited for the future but this game was a victory turned into a loss. We gave this away. Still excited for the next few years but disappointed about today. We’ll keep fighting. We’ll learn from this. Just sucks.— Larry The Cable Guy (@GitRDoneLarry) October 13, 2018

Reason for hope

I’m more hopeful for the future than upset they lost. Definitely felt like the program was building towards being something more again— Cody Goggin (@CodyGoggin) October 13, 2018

There was some positive, until the end

There were some great moments today.. and the end was tough to watch 💔I just can’t imagine how these guys feel.I’m not going anywhere... #GBR always... #Huskers 🎈 https://t.co/H7HrOODsvG — 💀🔪 JT 👻🎃 (@ThatOtherJT) October 13, 2018

Progress must be made

Today’s game showed promise for a stronger Nebraska squad. Yes, we still have progress to make, but today was a better showing by @HuskerFBNation , we just have to finish and keep our momentum. #GBR — Katherine Krieger (@Kat_Krieger) October 13, 2018

Let’s face it: There’s lots of heartbreak going on

. @HuskerFBNation really knows how to keep you on your toes...You know they’re going to break your heart each week, but you just don’t know how it’s going to happen. #Huskers#GBR 🎈🌽🏈❤️— LT (@liz_thomps) October 13, 2018