Ben Cardin: It’s ‘likely’ Kim Jong-un on diplomatic train that arrived in China

March 27, 2018 GMT

Sen. Ben Cardin said Tuesday that it seems likely North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un was on a diplomatic train that arrived in China.

“We don’t know for sure, but it seems likely that he is in China today,” Mr. Cardin, Maryland Democrat, said on CNN.

Neither China nor North Korea have commented, but the train arrived from North Korea and was met with security detail. This would mark Mr. Kim’s first foreign visit since taking control of the country in 2011.

“It could be good news,” Mr. Cardin, ranking member on the Senate Foreign Intelligence Committee, said.

North Korea’s nuclear testing has increased dramatically in the past year with several launches and threats of an intercontinental missile aimed at the United States.

“For us to have a diplomatic off-ramp to this crisis, we need China’s participation,” Mr. Cardin said.

President Trump also agreed to meet with Mr. Kim, but no formal details have been made.