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‘Knots Landing’ Wins Ratings With Cliffhanger Finish

May 30, 1985

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ You don’t have to wait until September to learn that the ″Knots Landing″ cliffhanger put the CBS soap opera at the top of the Nielsen ratings for the week.

The season-ender, in which Val (Joan Van Ark) learned that her babies are still alive, finished first, but another CBS serial, ″Falcon Crest,″ tied for 11th place with its cliffhanger for the week ended May 26.

Despite the victory by ″Knots Landing,″ it was NBC’s week to celebrate. NBC, which finished second the previous week to CBS, won the A.C. Nielsen Co. poll. CBS was second and ABC was third.

The previous week’s winning shows, CBS’ ″Dallas,″ which was first, and ABC’s ″Dynasty,″ second, were not telecast this past week.

The second and final part of the ABC miniseries ″Deadly Intentions″ took second in the ratings. NBC’s ″The Cosby Show″ was third. The first part of the NBC miniseries ″Deceptions″ was fourth and the ABC movie ″Right To Kill″ was fifth.

The heavyweight title fight between defending champion Larry Holmes and challenger Carl ″The Truth″ Williams on NBC was sixth. Holmes won a unanimous 15-round decision of the International Boxing Federation match.

Completing the Top 10: NBC’s ″Family Ties,″ seventh; the CBS movie ″Do You Remember Love,″ eighth; CBS’ ″Simon & Simon,″ ninth; and NBC’s ″The A- Team,″ 10th.

NBC won the week with a network average of 13.8. CBS was second with 13.7, and ABC third with 12.5. The networks say the average means that in an average prime-time minute 13.8 percent of the nation’s TV homes were tuned to NBC.

The conclusion of the CBS miniseries ″Christopher Columbus″ was in 15th place. The opener was in 14th place the previous week.

CBS remained in the lead among the evening news shows with a rating of 10.9. ABC was second with 9.5, and NBC third with 9.3.

Here are the ratings for the week of May 20-26:

1. ″Knots Landing,″ CBS, a rating of 22.9, or 19.4 million households.

2. Miniseries-″Deadly Intentions,″ Part II, ABC, 21.3, or 18.1 million.

3. ″The Cosby Show,″ NBC, 21.1, or 17.9 million.

4. Miniseries-″Deceptions,″ Part I, NBC, 19.9, or 16.9 million.

5. Movie-″Right To Kill,″ ABC, 19.0, or 16.1 million.

6. Boxing, Holmes vs. Williams, NBC, 18.5, or 15.7 million.

7. ″Family Ties,″ NBC, 18.1, or 15.3 million.

8. Movie-″Do You Remember Love,″ CBS, 17.4, or 14.7 million.

9. ″Simon & Simon,″ CBS, 17.1, or 14.5 million.

10. ″The A-Team,″ NBC, 16.8, or 14.2 million.

11. ″Highway to Heaven,″ NBC, 16.4, or 13.9 million.

11. Tie-″Falcon Crest,″ CBS, 16.4, or 13.9 million.

13. ″Cheers,″ NBC, 16.1, or 13.6 million.

13. Tie-″Riptide,″ NBC, 16.1, or 13.6 million.

15. Miniseries-″Christopher Columbus,″ Part II, CBS, 15.8, or 13.4 million.

16. ″Remington Steele,″ NBC, 15.4, or 13.1 million.

17. ″Hardcastle & McCormick,″ ABC, 15.3, or 13.0 million.

17. Tie-″Night Court,″ NBC, 15.3, or 13.0 million.

19. ″Murder She Wrote,″ CBS, 14.43, or 12.2 million.

19. Tie-″Miami Vice,″ NBC, 14.4, or 12.2 million.


51. ″Punky Brewster,″ NBC, 7.0, or 5.9 million.

52. ″Ripley’s Believe It or Not,″ ABC, 6.9, or 5.8 million.

53. Movie-″Generations,″ ABC, 6.5, or 5.5 million.

54. ″Silver Spoons,″ NBC, 5.9, or 5.0 million.

55. ″Cover Up,″ CBS, 5.3, or 4.5 million.

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