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Jeff Keller: Fixing the healthcare problem

April 5, 2019

Editor: The New York Daily News editorial you included in the April 4 editorial roundup refers to President Trump wanting the entire Affordable Care Act to be invalidated in court. That is old news and something that millions of us thought should have happened long ago. We thought the Supreme Court decision that validated it in the first place was wrong. The case currently under review was brought by 20 states, not by Trump, and will eventually make it to the Supreme Court where there is a real chance that they will uphold the lower court ruling that the Act is unconstitutional. In the meantime, it is up to the Democrats, not Trump, to come up with an alternative. Trump has postponed any action on his plan until a time when it would have a chance of passing because that’s certainly not possible when the democrats control the House. Given that the court will might invalidate the ACA the Democrats who passed it originally bear full responsibility for coming up with a replacement, especially since they voted unanimously against the Republican bill that would have done that. So far they show little inclination to that and, with the help of their media allies, are once again demanding that Trump fix the problem they have caused.

Jeff Keller

Lake Havasu City

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