DeKalb City Council approves video gaming restrictions

March 28, 2017 GMT

DeKALB – In an effort to provide greater clarity for restrictions to enterprises using video gaming terminals, the DeKalb City Council approved an ordinance setting limits on gaming locations during its meeting Monday.

The ordinance passed by a vote of 7-1, with 1st Ward Alderman David Jacobson voting against it.

The ordinance’s first regulation limits the number of video gaming terminals at a licensed establishment to no more than five.

This already is required by state law and was set locally in case state law were to be amended.

The second regulation limits the number of video gaming establishments, or locations that primarily are oriented toward video games, to seven. This limit was set based on the number of liquor licenses outstanding for venues that could qualify as video gaming establishments.

Second Ward Alderman Bill Finucane sought to amend this ordinance by increasing the number of establishments to 10 after hearing of two other local businesses that have inquired about being video gaming establishments.

“Since we know the interest is still there and want to put a cap on it, then I think 10 is a reasonable cap,” Finucane said.

DeKalb Finance Director Cathy Haley said that video gaming revenues have hit a plateau.

Therefore, 5th Ward Alderman Kate Noreiko said there is not a need to increase the number of gaming establishments.

“I’m not 100 percent convinced this is the additional kind of business we need,” Noreiko said. “I’m comfortable leaving the number at seven. If it turns out there is some pent-up demand, we’ll work with it.”

The amendment failed by a 4-4 vote. Finucane, Jacobson, 3rd Ward Alderman Michael Marquardt and 6th Ward Alderman Dave Baker voted in favor of the amendment, while Mayor John Rey, Noreiko, 4th Ward Alderman Bob Snow and 7th Ward Alderman Tony Faivre voted against it.