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Braniff Spanish Ad Translation - ‘Fly Naked’

February 6, 1987 GMT

MIAMI (AP) _ A Braniff Airlines advertisement in Spanish encouraging travelers to fly in leather-seated luxury can be translated ″fly naked,″ and a local advertising executive says it may show insensitivity to Hispanics.

The ad boasts of Braniff’s leather seats, saying in Spanish fly ″en cuero,″ or ″in leather.″

But the similar ″en cueros″ means ″naked,″ and when pronounced on radio or television, the two terms sound identical.

″When I heard the Braniff ad on the radio, I said ’Oh my God,″ Teri Zubizarreta of Zubi Advertising Services, said Friday. Her company specializes in Spanish-language ads.


She said many advertisers want to reach the Spanish market, but fail to go the extra step to make sure the ads do not contain hidden meanings.

″If they were doing it intentionally, fine, but if it’s just a mistake due to lack of complete knowledge of Spanish language, then that’s a blooper,″ Ms. Zubizarreta said.

The ad in Spanish-language newspapers suggests Braniff’s hidden meaning might be intentional. It shows a leather seat from the back, and but not enough to see if the passenger is wearing any clothes.

Braniff says the ad wasn’t intentional, but will not change it.

″It’s not an offensive thing,″ said Diego Garrido, who developed the campaign for the airline.