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April 18, 2018 GMT

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In the book Wonder written by, R.J. Palacio, a child named August (Auggie) Pullman is born with such a rare condition that there isn’t even a name for it. This is due to the fact that he has two conditions. It never states in the book but the thing he has Treacher-Collins syndrome. In the beginning of the story his mother announces that she has signed him up for school. His father didn’t want Auggie to go to public school in the beginning. Later, he agreed with his mother that he should go to school. At first Auggie didn’t want to go to school either but then four students took him on a tour in the school. He then realized that school might be fun. I think this was a good idea because he was finally out of the hospital (he was in and out of the hospital his whole life) and everybody should get a chance to go to school no matter what they look like. Once he went to school most of the other students made up this game that if you touched him you got his condition, it was called the Plague.

One day he was sitting at alone at lunch and this girl named Summer sat next to him! He was very surprised and exited at the same time. Summer turned to be a very good friend in my opinion. She was very caring, understanding, and celebrated what Auggie looked like. He also met Jack; he was one of the students who showed Auggie around the school. Jack later said he never wanted to be friends with Auggie and was saying bad things about him with Julian (the bully). Jack found out that Auggie heard him and felt terrible. Julian tried bullying Auggie again but that made Jack so mad that he punched Julian in the face.

At this party over winter Julian told most the class that Auggie had mental issues, so they should all stay away from him. Then they all stayed away from him because they wanted Julian to like them and they feared him. Then everybody started to ignore him and he had to sit alone at lunch.

One day Summer and Auggie wanted Jack to sit with them because they felt bad. So, Jack sat with them and they all made up. They hung out for the rest of the year. This book is very good, I recommend it. It teaches about how everybody should be treated the same way no matter what they look like.

Whitney P. Perry Creek Elementary Grade 5

Paper Butterflies is a mind grabbing book! You get into the book and you can’t stop reading it. I recommend reading Paper Butterflies if you are in Middle School. Paper Butterflies is one of my top three best books I have ever read. The book seems sad at times but keep reading and you will enjoy. When you read the book Paper Butterflies you’ll finish it super -fast because it’s so good!

I hope they come out with a second book. The only bad thing about Paper Butterflies is that it kind of leaves you with a cliff hanger and you want to know what happens! The author is Lisa Heathfield . Read Paper Butterflies and you will have no regrets!

Ava Moravek Mater Dei

This book review is about the book The Girl Who Drank the Moon. This book is about a city that gives their youngest child put in the woods for the witch to kill. Little did they know that the witch never killed the child but raised it. So when the witch retrieved the child, she took it to a cliff to give it starlight. Starlight is a drink made up of stars, and why did she pick that? It gave the child magical powers. The moon was surrounded by stars so the witch accidently gave the child moonlight. Moonlight is way more powerful. When the child was about five she had bursts of magic. The witch had to put a spell on her so they would stop.

I’ll bet you’re wondering what all the parents thought about this. This was settled in court. When they took the child away, the mother went mad. They had no choice but to put her in a cell. They also didn’t know that the mother had magical powers as well. Her powers included that she could create paper. So if she had an unwanted person visit her, her paper birds would attack and leave painful scars. They finally went to the woods to find the witch. But the witch was old and sick and her magical powers were giving up. She died and left the little girl by herself. Still wondering why the city gave the girl away? You’ll have to read the book!

Lauren Bainbridge Mater Dei

Do you like history? I sure do! If you want a good book about World War II, Prisoner B is about a boy named Jack and how he survived 10 different concentration camps. He and everyone else worked really hard in the camps and his friend, Ruth, worked with him about every day. Together, Ruth and he had a hard 10 years in 10 different concentration camps.

Jack had to sing for the S.S officers then he was put in a gas chamber. Water came out instead of gas so he lived. He then went on the horrific death walk. The death walk is a walk in the snow for nine days without a jacket or shoes. At the end of the book, the U.S. Army and the Russians came and saved all the people who were left in the concentration camps. This book is best for ages 10-12. I would rate this book a10 out of 10. Caleb D. Mater Dei

Are you looking for a good sports book? I recently read The Walk On by John Feinstein. He is a New York Times Best Selling Author. He has written other books like A Season Inside and A Good Walk Spoiled. In The Walk On, the freshman in the book is Alex. He plays football for the Lions High School. He needs to out QB his two new friends. He gets the nickname Goldie for his golden arm because he always gets the ball to the target no matter how far. Blake Albert

Mrs. Klinker’s third grade class at Cherokee shares some special books with Kid Scoop News readers...

Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest

Ella Bartram

This story tells about the places that are record holders for the hottest, coldest, highest, and deepest place on earth. It is a good book because it teaches you about different places you’ve never heard about before. I would recommend this book to read because you learn about new places.

I Got This to the Gold and Back

Danka Ducommun

This book is all about Laurie Hernandez. The author shares how she became a gold medalist in gymnastics. It tells about her being on the Dancing with the Stars Championship show. She explains what it is like to be in the Olympics. I really, really like this book. It is one of my favorite books in my life. It is easy book to read. I would recommend this book for a good reader or someone who likes Laurie Hernandez.

Tattle, Tattle, Tattle

Ellie Schultz

This book is written by Julia Cook. It’s about this boy who is always tattling. He gets the name Tattle Tongue. It’s tells you how not to be a tattletale. The boy in the story is always tattling. When the boy tattles his turtle gets purple spots all over it. I think you should read this book so you learn not to tattle.

The Elf on the Shelf

Camden Mitchell

My favorite book is The Elf on the Shelf. This book is about an elf who watches you when you are awake. It tells about the elf and how you can’t touch him or he’ll lose his magic. The book tells about the elf watching you if you are naughty. This is the best book I ever read because I like Brono, my own elf. I would recommend this book if you have your own Elf on the Shelf.

Hot Wheels

Brayden Domsch

My favorite book is Hot Wheels. In the book there are pictures of blue and red Hot Wheels. It tells about the world’s best driver. It tells about the trophy the driver won. All the racers in this book aren’t real. They show stunts in the book and they are real. The orange tracks in the book are real. I think this book is so cool and epic. I even saw the movie. Everyone should read it.

Where the Red Fern Grows

Weston Johnson

My favorite book is Where the Red Fern Grows. It is about two dogs and a boy named Billy. The boy named Billy took the dogs to a raccoon tournament. The author tells about how the dogs die after a fight. It is sad when they die. I recommend this book if you like stories about dogs.

Owl Dairies Eva Plans the Spring Wedding

Carli Lubeck

This book is about Eva and her own friends plan a spring wedding for Ms. Feather Bomb, their teacher. I think it is a really good book if you like owls and spring weddings. I like it when the pets take the necklace that Ms. Feather Bomb was going to wear at the wedding. They found the necklace on the pet’s cage that looked like a castle. I like the wedding because it was in an old oak tree. I really like the dress that Ms. Feather Bomb wore to her wedding. Yes, I think this is a good book and everyone should read it.

The Mitten

Kiera Robinson

This book is a good book. In this book a little boy’s grandma knit him a white pair of mittens. Then he went outside to play. Next, he lost one of the mittens and some animals went inside that lost mitten. My favorite part is when all the animals go exploring inside of the mitten. People should read this book because it is entertaining and funny, too.


Addyson Wilkie

Wonder is a book about this little boy who doesn’t look like other kids. His name is August and he is really smart. The characters of the story are his mom, dad, sister, and his dog. The problem is that he had never been to school because he had always been home- schooled. My opinion on this book is that this book is really good because August is different and I like people who are different. In the beginning of the story the other students didn’t stand up for him when he was being teased. Later, a girl named Summer started being his friend. I would recommend this book because this teaches people about bullying.

Owl Dairies: Eve Finds a Ghost

Kendyl Fox

I love this book especially when Eve finds a ghost. My favorite character is Eve. First Eve leaves school. Next, she asks her friend Lucy to go help her find a ghost. They didn’t find it at first. Then they went out again and looked for a ghost. For a long time they could find a ghost. Finally, they found one but it was an owl. Yes, I recommend this book for anyone who loves to read.

Special Reviews from Mrs. Beaver’s Fifth Grade Students at Perry Creek

In the story, “Warriors: Into the Wild” (first book) by Erin Hunter, there is a cat named Rusty. He is a house cat. There is a forest outside of Rusty’s house which consists of four clans: Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Shadowclan. These clans have wild cats in them who compete with the other clans to survive.

Rusty always dreamed of being of being in the forest. Every day he’d sit on the fence outside of the house looking at the forest. One day he decided to go explore it. He ran into three forest cats named Bluestar, Graypaw, and Whitestorm. They had been watching him try to catch prey for a few months and decided to ask him if he wanted to join them. Rusty hesitated for a moment but then said yes. He was then known as Firepaw. He becomes a Warrior in the next book.

As you read the story, many conflicts happen between Thunderclan (the clan Firepaw is in) and the other clans. The story ends on a cliffhanger and continues in the next book “Fire and Ice”.

Ashley Kotalik

I read a book called The Missing Pieces of Me. It’s about a girl who has never heard of or seen her dad. However, her mom is very mean and strict. Grace is the girl’s name. She has a brother and a sister who have at least seen or heard of their dad. They all live in a trailer park. My favorite part is where this stray cat comes around and she starts talking to him and feeding him. One day he was named Marmalade, after Grace’s grandma. One time she drew a picture of Marmalade and Grace’s art teacher loved it so much she wanted her to paint is for the color. And it looked so good painted, it was selected for the art show for parents’ night! Grace’s mom always told her she was a bad girl. So, she made a new friend named Louella and they started searching for clues of Grace’s dad. But at the end, Grace realized she wasn’t a bad girl...

Sylvia B

White Fur Flying

In the book White Fur Flying there is a family who has two dogs. They love spending time with the dogs. Sadly, one of the dogs left to a new family. This happened while the mom was getting new dogs!! The kids met a new neighbor. When the two (yes, two) dogs came, the family was happy all over again. The new neighbor they met and one new dog they got were spending a lot of time together. One day, a storm happened the boy and the dog went missing! They found the boy and the dog, and everything goes back to normal. The boy adopted the dog and all of them had a great happy ending. Emily T.