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Jeff Keller: Abortion law writers left plenty of room for interpretation

February 1, 2019 GMT

Editor: The writer of the Jan. 31 Letter regarding abortion makes a serious factual error. In reference to the recently passed New York law she states that late term abortion — that’s abortion any time up to the point of birth — is allowed only in cases where the fetus is not viable. That is not true. The law stipulates that such abortions are also permitted “if necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.” Since “health” is not defined in the law it can include mental and emotional health as determined by the woman and the provider. That means that for all practical purposes there is no restriction. Not mentioned in the letter but also of significance are: 1. That the law removes unborn babies from the definition of “personhood” in the penal code so that, for example, if a pregnant woman is assaulted and the baby dies the perpetrator cannot be charge with any crime other than the assault; and 2. That non-physicians can be allowed to perform abortions. It is important to understand the real impact laws such as these have in diminishing respect for human life.


Jeff Keller

Lake Havasu City