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Utah Valley Educator of the Week: Lillian Shaw

March 3, 2019 GMT

This week’s “Educator of the Week” is Dr. Lillian Shaw, a teacher at Provo High School.

Shaw graduated with her bachelor’s in Classical Greek and Latin from Hoehere Toechterschule Zuerich in Switzerland. She later received her master’s in English, German and French from Universitaet Zuerich, also in Switzerland. She then came to Brigham Young University to complete her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration.

Shaw now teaches French, German and Latin at Provo High. She was nominated for “Educator of the Week” because of her dedication as a teacher. She knows each of her students by name and greets each one as they enter her classroom. She gives clear learning goals and standards at the beginning of each term. Her students can clearly see that she genuinely loves teaching and is passionate about helping them to succeed.

In her free time, Shaw enjoys writing poetry (she is a published poet), horseback riding, traveling, attending the Utah Shakespearean Festival and working out at the gym.