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Cat nap burglar: Police find tired thief asleep amid Doritos

November 22, 2017

LONDON (AP) — British police say an alleged thief was found covered in Doritos beside a half-eaten pie after he broke into a house and then fell asleep.

Monklands Police in Scotland tweeted: “We all feel tired when we start a shift & a thief who started his shift at 2345 (Monday) was no different.”

It said the alleged burglar broke into a house, “decided on a pit stop, ate half a pie and fell asleep covered in Doritos. He woke up in cuffs.”

Police Scotland confirmed Wednesday that police were called to a house in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, just before midnight Monday “after a householder discovered a man in his house.”

It said the 46-year-old man would be reported to prosecutors.

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