Letter to the editor

December 6, 2016

Funny, but wrong this timeI read with great interest the Connecticut Post Sunday edition each week.My reasons are simple: Michael Daly is both informative and interesting along with being plain funny.Jim Shea is just plain funny so I read him last before looking briefly at the national headlines and throwing the paper into the recycle bin.Sunday, Dec. 4, Michael was interesting, funny and just plain wrong.His reference to Christiane Amanpour as “the respected foreign correspondent...” would have been much more accurate if it had read respected commentator. Amanpour reports the news about as much as I do.She gives her opinion often and rarely reports unless she is sent on assignment to a war zone.Even then she will throw in a snide comment or two about George W Bush getting us into this terrible war forgetting that the Democrats in the Senate overwhelmingly supported the request for the war powers act.She certainly comments authoritatively on world events when they please her but with derision in her voice when they don’t.Her “reporting” does fit right in with the CNN philosophy. She belongs on the “opinion” page with you, Michael.Karl KeryFairfield