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K.T. Murphy playground closed for construction

January 17, 2019 GMT

STAMFORD — Pickup procedures at K.T. Murphy Elementary School are changing this week due to playground construction.

The school’s playground closed Tuesday for repairs to its retaining wall. As a result, barriers have been placed in front of the playground and “no-parking” signs in the vicinity, resulting in the loss of eight parking spaces while contractors work on the site every day from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The school’s principal, Sherri Prendergast, emailed parents asking those who pick up their children by car to wait in the pickup line until they get to the front of the building to pick up their children. Prendergast also asked parents not to stop in the street and call their child to the car and to avoid “no parking areas” or block driveways during pickup.

Prendergast said the Stamford police will issue tickets to drivers blocking driveways. Fines have increased to $50 for blocking a driveway or in an area marked “do not park” and $120 for parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant.”

“I understand everyone is busy, but if everyone follows the rules, we can ensure a swift and safe dismissal for everyone,” Prendergast wrote.

According to Prendergast’s email, concrete blocks have been placed near the retaining wall to make it secure. In the meantime, when the weather is above 32 degrees, students will go outside for recess in the “big lot” on George Street. Staff and parents will not be able to park in the back lot on days when students will have outside recess.

A district spokeswoman said the repairs have been planned for some time and are being done in the winter to reduce disruption to students’ recess.

The project is scheduled to be completed April 22.

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