Lawsuit: Police used excessive force, shot man 20 times

September 28, 2018 GMT

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — The family of a Kentucky man shot more than 20 times by police is suing officers, accusing them of excessive force.

The Courier Journal reports 21-year-old Demonjhea Jordan was killed in April while fleeing a robbery.

Jordan’s parents say Officers Joshua Weyer, Benjamin Dean and Kody Despain and Detective Joseph Fox used “unauthorized and unnecessary deadly force.”


Body camera recordings show one officer shooting at Jordan from a half-block away, screaming “shots fired” as they run down a sidewalk. Another begins shooting through the windshield of his cruiser. A third shoots from the side.

Lt. Aaron Crowell said “multiple sources” said Jordan shot at officers, and the video shows the gun.

Officers can “use force, in this case deadly force, to protect themselves and others from death or serious physical injury,” Police Chief Steve Conrad said in April.

Police and prosecutors declined the newspaper’s request to comment on the lawsuit. Weyer, Dean, Despain and Fox remain on administrative reassignment as the investigastion continues.


Information from: Courier Journal,