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Rep. Mary Franson’s Facebook posts appear to link March for Our Lives participants to Hitler Youth

March 27, 2018

Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, appeared to link students involved in the March for Our Lives to Hitler Youth in a series of Facebook posts last weekend, but said Tuesday that was not her intent.

Franson said her comments about high schoolers who are pushing for gun restrictions were separate from another message she shared from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum about Indoctrinating Youth.

The representatives Facebook page has since been deleted, but the Douglas County DFL posted screen captures of her comments. City Pages first reported Fransons comments.

First, she shared another persons Facebook post referring to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg, who has been advocating for gun reforms, as Supreme Leader Hogg.

Soon after that, she reposted a comment from Ryan Saavedra with the conservative opinion website The Daily Wire. Saavedra had said, Parkland student says at the #MarchForOurLives rally: When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile! This is why you do NOT give anything to left on anything.

And there you have it friends ... the anti gunners, the high school students who speak for all, arent interested in an inch. They want the mile. They want your guns. Gone, Franson wrote above Saavedras comments.

Fifteen minutes later, she shared a webpage labeled Indoctrinating Youth from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and posted an Adolf Hitler quote with it. The quote talked about the Nazi Partys process for shaping young peoples views.

I did not intend for one Facebook post about those who are pushing for gun control to be connected to another, separate post I shared from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum about Indoctrinating Youth. Ive deleted the post to clear up any confusion, Franson said in an e-mail Tuesday.

But Douglas County DFL Chairman Jon Koll said he was not surprised to see the series of posts, and noted a situation last year when Franson declined requests to meet with the Alexandria Area High School Democratic Club. After pressure mounted she met with the students, but was blatantly rude and condescending, he said.

Her behavior with this whole Nazi stuff about the kids is really consistent with her unenlightened view of the world, Koll said.

Comments in public or on social media have landed Franson in the news a number of times over her four terms in the Legislature. In another student-related kerfuffle in 2014, she likened an antibullying bill to fascism.

Fascism Minnesota-style is a way of organizing schoolchildren, in which a school district is ruled by special interest groups such as the LGBT groups and Minnesota Democrats, in which the schoolchildren and parents are not allowed to disagree with the special interests, she said.

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