Watch: Nebraska athlete from Australia gets long-distance birthday surprise in emotional video

September 5, 2018 GMT

On her 21st birthday, Australia native Rachel Fraser got the perfect gift: a visit from down under.

Fraser, who plays soccer for Wayne State College in northeast Nebraska, received a surprise visit from her parents on Saturday. A video of the emotional reunion has gone viral, viewed 140,000 times in the last two days.

Fraser hadn’t seen her mom and dad in two years. Her coach helped arrange the surprise visit from her parents, who traveled 9,000 miles for the reunion and also got to see her play college soccer in person for the first time.

“I was just too happy,″ said Fraser, who’s from Brisbane, Australia.

Wayne State coach Joe Cleary said Fraser’s parents, Eve and Stuart Fraser, contacted him more than six months ago about the surprise they hoped to pull off.

Her parents decided to visit while their daughter’s team was playing in a tournament in Colorado this weekend, and flew into Denver.

After the team finished a game it lost Saturday, the players gathered in a room for their regular postgame talk with Cleary.

Cleary mentioned it was Fraser’s birthday and called her to the front of the room. He told her he wished the team could have delivered a win for her birthday but said she was in store for an even better present.

Her parents stepped into the room, and in that distinctive down-under accent her mom called out, “All the way from Australia.”

Fraser threw her arms around her mother and lifted her off the ground as the team cheered.