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Press release content from Wired Release. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review: Master Course for Dropshipping Business

August 2, 2020 GMT

Newyork, USA (Wiredrelease) Boost SEO Metrics: Building your dropshipping empire can become easy through the help of 100K Blueprint 4.0. Once you have the right strategy, you don’t need other platforms like Amazon to build your own site, you can use Shopify. Let’s have a more detailed discussion of this 100K Blueprint 4.0 masterclass course.

What is 100K Blueprint 4.0

100K Blueprint is a master course that was launched before and now on its current version 4.0. This is a master course intended for people who want to build a dropshipping business. It’s the answer to creating an eCommerce store and dropshipping the products in a store that you own. This course lasts for 12 weeks, but to easily digest it, new content is being unlocked weekly after finishing the previous module. After completing the course, you’ll figure out that this is course is super worthy of your money.


The original course that was launched was fed with plenty of eCommerce strategy. Later on, version 3 was redesigned, and now here’s the 100K Blueprint 4.0. The business model is bringing millions of dollars, and it makes users create a new shop. They went from $0 to $100k monthly. You can register yourself by visiting official website.

What the 100K Blueprint Contents for Weeks 1 -12 Week 1 discusses the business model. It talks about dropshipping and Shopify. There are superior and helpful videos about free shipping, funnels and retargeting, store creation, and others.  Week 2 explains how you can make a profit in as quickly as 3 minutes. It gives an in-depth discussion about dropshipping and setting up the Shopify store. There are also topics discussed choosing the niche, setting up Adroll, shipping settings, advertisements research, etc.  Week 3 provides the tactics and the guidelines for dropshipping on the popular social media platform – Facebook. You’ll learn so much about marketing, a theory of designing your ads, and website ad conversion. Week 4 explains the benefits of using social media influencers to market the products to millions of people. So, this week, you’ll get into influencers. You’ll find out how to find these influencers and what characteristics or requirements you should look for.  Week 5 discusses how to use linear funnels. Youll get acquainted with how to use this and how it will benefit your business.  Week 6 walks you through building business to make a $100 000 monthly profit and automate it.  Week 7 will help you build your team to seamlessly run your business.  Week 8 will show some new business opportunities which you can enter on.  Week 9 discusses various activities in dropshipping, such as post-sales emails.  Week 10 explains how to find new products and link Shopify, Bing, etc. Week 11 discusses the strategies for sales.  Week 12 is all about workshops and the case studies conducted, including the results. Who is the Creator of 100K Blueprint 4.0


The creator of this successful course is Dan Dasilva. He’s a genius guy, he knew what he’s talking about. He’s a genuinely brilliant young man. He is an expert in dropshipping. At a young age, he makes millions of dollars in his dropshipping business. He started doing dropshipping stores in 2015, and in just two years, he was able to earn millions of dollars. Because of his success, he had chosen to help other people succeed in their dropshipping business too. He also makes videos and uploads them on his YouTube channel to show and let people know how to make money online. He has 130 000 subscribers that benefit from all his discussions.

Dan had already created many courses aside from 100K Blueprint. The courses he had created include Flipping Profits, Shopify Masterclass, eCom Dudes, Dropshipping Academy, and others. Dan is really keen to share his knowledge and expertise. If you are interested to learn  more about Dan’s Courses you can visit his website.

How much is 100K Blueprint Course

The course costs $997, which seems very expensive for some people, but to me, this amount will not be equivalent to the file of knowledge and information that I got from this course. Besides, if you think that the content is not worth the price, you can always request a refund. Remember to act on within 3 days. But I doubt that you will initiate a refund because this complete guide on starting and managing your dropshipping business is worth it. This version 4.0 has plenty of learnings to bring, and there are plenty of bonuses to enjoy.

Who can benefit from 100K Blueprint 4.0

This master course is for anyone who wants to learn about the dropshipping business. It is perfect for business investors who give value to learning. This is ideal for people who aim to build a business in dropshipping.

Personally, I will never spend any amount of money on a course which I don’t know whether it will provide useful learnings. I looked into the testimonials of past students in the class. So, about 100K Blueprint 4.0, everything seems to be worth trying in the first place. All the reviews and the testimonies of the people who used the course, whatever their age, are excellent.

How does 100K Blueprint Work

This courses idea is to be of great help to business-minded people and assist them in beginning their dream of a dropshipping store. You’ll find the product using the tools that are designed for it based on the 3-phase criteria. There will be a simple list to be created. It will be paid for $20 for having studio-quality production and other things for advertisements. High traffic and the quality buyer will be sent to your store. You’ll have a good deal with the suppliers to have a fast shipping transaction. You can scale up and find new products to sell in your store.

The following are a quick snapshot of what the 100K Blueprint can do for you:

Develop a website that’s built with a platform that makes the high conversion. Make a list easily from the outsourced quality of production ads.  There’s an ad listing set up for $1.50 to bring traffic using the Blitz Bomb approach.  The $1.50 advertisement listing is evaluated to determine the most effective ads.  Because of the ad listing, it delivers high traffic to the store and most likely to convert.  You can raise the budget for the winning ad to become $5 so that you can triple your profits.  Seek USA suppliers for faster shipping as well as for better customer service.  You can escalate your store by discovering the products that produce high sales and build another shop.  Gathering a portfolio of the stores allow the owners to collect a regular daily income and monitor it grow.  The software takes a lift every time a new product is identified. So, it does the heavy lifting to make the shop running. What do you get from 100K Blueprint 4.0

When you join today, you’ll get a 12-week proven system to work. It shows the step-by-step process and hand-holding. This material is valued at $997. The community of high-performance coaches that’s valued at $997 and a world-class support system in the member’s area is valued at $997. Plus, you’ll get the following bonuses:

Profit machine that costs $2,995 Untouchable ads vault costs $1 997 Memory shipping power hour that costs $979 Ads mastery valued at $297 Mentorship private access that costs $997 yearly Email Jedi that’s valued at $297 Higher-level consulting valued at $2000 What I Like Dislike about 100K Blueprint

I like that Dan Dasilva tackled everything that a person needs when he or she wants to begin a dropshipping store. It’s worth every amount of money that you’re going to invest in this course. It’s complete with every information that you should know about when you start a dropshipping business. Apart from the comprehensive lesson to get a successful business, there’s a money-back guarantee which guarantees a refund within 3 days if you’re not happy with the course.

Since this article is unbiased, I will honestly tell you what I don’t like about this course. First, I want to spell out that it’s expensive. It’s costly for many people, but to me, it’s worth the price. It’s not really about the money that I spent on this course, but it’s about the profit that I will gain after taking this course. It’s a sure business, a business that will profit. I’m not trying to convince you to purchase, I’m stating a fact here. So If you are interested in this you can visit official website. Second, the course will unlock after finishing a week module, so you won’t go to the next without completing the previous module. But it can be helpful to make sure that you’ll learn every step of the business. You won’t skip any parts. Apart from these two, everything about the course is excellent.


You can’t be anxious about losing $997 for taking this course because it’s an excellent value for your money. If you paid for the course and feel that you were not able to get value from the course and want a refund, you can do so. You have three days to file a refund and complete the process. Yet, nobody filed for a refund after the purchase of the course. The 100K Blueprint 4.0 is proven with credibility and effectiveness. Its a master course for any dropshipping business.

For More Details visit official website here.

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