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Vermont regulators end last active petition for wind project

March 24, 2020 GMT

HOLLAND, Vt. (AP) — Utility regulators in Vermont have ended the last active petition for a major wind project in the state.

The Vermont Public Utilities Commission issued an order to dismiss a petition by Dairy Air Wind, the Caledonian Record reported Tuesday.

The order issued on March 13 means that Dairy Air Wind developer David Blittersdorf cannot ask the commission to reconsider the petition as it is currently.

An email was sent to the developer seeking comment.


The commission’s decision comes after it has taken years for the petition to get through the regulatory review process.

Dairy Air Wind filed a letter in January stating it would not pursue the petition, saying the political climate in the state has made it impossible to develop wind energy.

The town of Holland responded shortly after, filing a motion to dismiss the case for lack of prosecution and failure to abide by the rules and orders of the commission.

“Absent any objection from the parties, we conclude that involuntary dismissal is appropriate here and grant Holland’s motion to dismiss with prejudice,” the commission concluded in the order.