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Gambling Safety, Health Of W-B Area Students, Employees

November 27, 2018 GMT

Editor: The board of the Save Our Schools Inc. has for the past four years pushed for saving Wilkes-Barre Area’s neighborhood schools; we lost the Coughlin restoration. This brought forth the restore rather than replace GAR and Meyers High Schools, with the urgent need to replace Coughlin High School. The urgency created by closing the school without a solid plan to house the student ended with 400 students warehoused in an annex. Their plan was to place 800 students in a renovated elementary school built for 500 students. For the past three years and incorporated in the Save Our Schools Inc. alternate plan was the need to replace Coughlin High School at the Plains Solomon site. It’s important to note that the board’s first building site choice was a site that forbids public schools. With the zoning failure the board went back to the building site list and selected the site with the most disadvantages listed by their own team. The Save Our Schools Inc. group that has met monthly for four years conducted extensive research and considered the impact on students and community is now faced with a new priority. That priority is the health and safety of the students and district employees, by the board’s choice of building a high school on seriously contaminated land. Can the contamination be capped? Yes, but not 100 percent positive it will stand the test of time. No doubt the reason so many other states ban the construction of public schools on or near contaminated sites. There is an educationally sound cost effective plan available and also sites available with a lot less disadvantages; why gamble with the health and safety of our children and employees? Richard A. Holodick President Save Our Schools WILKES-BARRE