Carol Miller: The choice for U.S. House is clear: I stand with Trump

October 24, 2018 GMT

This is one of a series of columns written by candidates in contested races in the West Virginia general election on Nov. 6.

West Virginia has an important choice to make this year. Do we return to the policies of the Obama-Pelosi days, restart the War on Coal, and send our jobs overseas? Or do we put America First and work to bring good paying jobs back to our state? I’ve made my choice — I’m with President Trump and I’m with West Virginia.

We’ve come so far under our president’s leadership but we still have more work to do. America is seeing record low unemployment and enormous economic growth. We’ve revitalized our coal industry and put miners and manufacturers back to work. We can’t stop now; we need to keep creating jobs and continue to bring those jobs right here to West Virginia.


As a business owner and farmer, I know what it takes to create jobs because I’ve actually done it. That’s one reason why President Trump, who understands business and job creation, has done a better job than President Obama, a community organizer who never created a job in his life. I know we need to lower taxes, reduce over-burdensome regulations, and diversify our economy — and that’s exactly what I’ll do in Congress.

I’ll make sure that our government keeps the promises made to our service members and veterans, that our coal miners have safe working conditions and get the pensions they were promised, that our seniors receive the Social Security and Medicare that they worked hard for, and that everyone who is struggling with addiction has access to the rehabilitation and recovery they need so they can get a good-paying job to build a better future for themselves and their families.

I’m strongly pro-life and endorsed by West Virginians for Life and Susan B. Anthony List. My opponent supports taxpayer funding for abortion.

I’ve been a member of Legislators for Legal Immigration for years. We need to secure our borders and ensure every immigrant who comes to our country comes here legally — just like our families did.

What an honor to receive President Trump’s endorsement. On the other hand, my opponent has described our president as a “train wreck” and even said President Trump “hasn’t done sh-t for West Virginia.” President Trump knows we must not elect my opponent, which is why at a recent rally, the president said “you can’t have that person in Congress.”

My opponent has already taken more than $2 million in support from Nancy Pelosi and the radical liberals and special interests who were storming the Supreme Court, trying to derail Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and attacking innocent people in the streets.


This election day, we all have a clear choice: Do we stand with our president and stay dedicated to the America First agenda, or do we join the radical left who tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, who chase senators and Trump Administration officials out of restaurants, and who have said they will stop at nothing to impeach the president? I’ve made my choice. I stand with President Trump and the people of West Virginia.

Carol Miller, a resident of Huntington, is a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from the 3rd District, which includes the southern and southwestern third of the state.