4 killed, 149 arrested in police operation in Rio

April 7, 2018 GMT

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Four suspects have been killed after a police operation to combat a militia group in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Santa Cruz ended in a shootout.

Rio’s public security secretary says another 149, including seven minors, were arrested during the Saturday morning operation dubbed Medusa.

State police say the suspects were attending a party at a ranch that was used as the militia group’s headquarters.

They are still cataloguing the items found, but an initial estimate included 12 rifles, 19 pistols and 15 stolen vehicles, as well as several grenades, handcuffs and replicas of police and military uniforms.

The operation is part of a crackdown against militia groups in Rio de Janeiro. Public Security Secretary Richard Nunes says other actions are being planned and will be carried out soon.