Kathleen Rice: Dems could lose seats if Nancy Pelosi is elected House speaker

November 19, 2018 GMT

New York Rep. Kathleen Rice warned that voting for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in the speaker race could cost some Democrats their seats.

Ms. Rice, one of the prominent Democrats pushing to elect new party leadership, wrote in a Washington Post op-ed Sunday night that many new members were elected after promising to not back Mrs. Pelosi. She argued that if they “fall victim to the pressure, intimidation and arm-twisting” and end up voting for the former speaker, they could risk losing their seat in their next elections.

“There are moments when we have to stick our necks out, take tough votes and sacrifice the safety of a Democratic majority for the sake of our country,” Ms. Rice wrote. “But losing your seat because the Washington Establishment ordered you to do as you’re told instead of doing what you promised? That’s self-sabotaging behavior at its worst.”


Several House Democrats have verbally announced they won’t vote for Mrs. Pelosi, and more than a dozen reportedly signed a letter formally committing their support elsewhere.

Ms. Rice acknowledged that no Democrat has officially come forward to directly challenge Mrs. Pelosi but argued that it’s “absurd” to believe she is the only person capable in the caucus to succeed as speaker.