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Two-time Parolee Charged in Slayings of Six Women

August 4, 1992

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. (AP) _ A parolee was charged Tuesday in the killings of six women. Police said he told them where to find three of the victims’ bodies.

Nathaniel White, 32, of Middletown, was paroled in April after serving a year in prison for unlawful inmprisonment in the knifepoint abduction of a woman. Five of the six victims he is charged with killing died after his parole.

White also was being investigated in other slayings, said state police Maj. James D. O’Donnell.

″When you have someone who confessed - admitted - to six homicides, you’re going to look at other unsolved cases,″ O’Donnell said.

The women all appeared to have died from stab wounds, but autopsy reports on the three latest victims were incomplete. Some of the victims were raped.

Poughkeepsie police received an anonymous tip linking White with the death of Adriane M. Hunter, 27, of Middletown. Her nude body was found Thursday in nearby woods.

Under questioning by state and local police, inconsistencies in his story led authorities to suspect him in the other cases, O’Donnell said. He faces six second-degree murder charges.

The other five victims were:

-Juliana R. Frank, 29, of Middletown, which is about 55 miles northwest of New York City. She was slain on March 25, 1991, and her body was found on an abandoned railroad bed in Middletown.

-Laurette Huggins Reviere, 34, of Middletown. She was killed July 10, 1992, and her nude body was found in her home.

-Christine M. Klebbe, 14, of nearby Goshen. She was reported missing July 1, 1992. Her body was found Tuesday.

-Brenda L. Whiteside, 20, of Elmsford. She was reported missing on July 20, 1992, and her body was found Tuesday.

-Angela Hopkins, 23, of Poughkeepsie. A cousin of Brenda Whiteside’s, she was also reported missing on July 20, 1992, and her body was found Tuesday.

White apparently met all the women except Klebbe, a family friend, in bars and took them to secluded areas before their deaths, O’Donnell said.

All the victims were black or Hispanic and White is black.

He recently lost his job as a laborer for arriving late for work, O’Donnell said.

White served two years in state prison for robbing three convenience stories and was paroled in November 1989, state parole spokesman David Ernst said.

He was arrested again on April 17, 1991, for kidnapping and assault in the knifepoint abduction of a woman, O’Donnell said.

Under a plea bargain, he pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment and was sentenced to nine months in prison, Ernst said. Parole officials added three months to his sentence for a parole violation.

White was released on April 23, 1992, Ernst said, adding that White exhibited no violent tendencies while serving his latest sentence. He said White maintained close contact with his parole officer after his release.

″What was in the man’s background that would have suggested to us that he was a murderer?″ Ernst said. ″There was none.″

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