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Letter: Good news for BOE

November 7, 2017 GMT

To the editor,

At a time when it can be difficult to read the newspaper, I’m delighted to share good news; It is an unequivocally great thing for our community that Kathleen Jordan Stowe is running for Board of Education.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Kathleen for six years, when our fifth-graders started out in kindergarten together. Through the years, I’ve witnessed her many and multifaceted strengths, which will contribute to her being an outstanding Board of Education member.

The first thing you observe about Kathleen is that she talks fast. Kathleen has a sharp mind that works quickly — the words come out quickly as well. She has this uncanny ability to process a lot of information, identify core issues, and make insightful comments. And a no nonsense approach to solving problems and getting things done. Kathleen is measured, thoughtful, and simply put, very effective. Given her professional experience in finance, Kathleen has a sophisticated understanding of and ability to interpret dense data and numbers. She brings to the table an ability to make sound policy decisions that are grounded in fiscal responsibility.

Beyond the numbers, I’ve always admired the way Kathleen embraces the love of learning and embodies academic excellence. Her notion of academic and life success is savvy and nuanced, very much in tune with the complex world our students will enter. To the benefit of our community and our children, Kathleen is committed to a strong public school system that enables all of our students to have the opportunity to reach their potential.

With the election right around the corner, please join me in voting Kathleen Jordan Stowe for Board of Education.

Carolyn Baek