Letter: Austin working to position for growth using prudent annexation

December 9, 2018

I’m writing in response to a recent letter that makes claim the City of Austin is looking to consume Lansing Township. The real fact of the matter is we’re looking to position ourselves for economic growth and encourage higher valued jobs by working on reasonable annexation requests.

We need to ensure readily developable property is poised to move at the speed of business growth. Having property annexed that will demand municipal services and has been prompted by a property owner’s petition is the right pro-business step for Austin.

We have worked hard and have property “shovel ready” as certified by the State of Minnesota so obstacles can be cleared for business use. Having additional property within the city which has such an ease of utility access is one more step the city can take to eliminate hurdles. This is practicing good stewardship over our costly infrastructure and is a prudent planning measure cities utilize all across Minnesota and the country. There is no conspiracy here.

Taking this step does not guarantee growth but we want to avoid any situation that could tip the scale against a project and jeopardize our selection.

We hope Lansing Township can appreciate our tide rises and falls together and join us in putting out the open for business sign to bring the increased potential for job growth to our shared area.

Craig Clark, Austin