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Ash Scattering Ceremonies Transform Funerals into Celebrations

December 2, 2019 GMT
An ash scattering ceremony in the Atlantic Gulf Stream.
An ash scattering ceremony in the Atlantic Gulf Stream.

BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ash-scattering is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional burials. Many people are getting creative with scattering their loved one’s ashes too. They scatter ashes in lakes, stadiums, parks, and even popular tourist spots like Disneyland (although illegal).

It’s not surprising therefore that people in Florida are choosing the magnificent Atlantic Gulf Stream as an eternal resting place - for them and their loved ones.

This is where Big Blue Sea Services enters the picture. It’s transforming funerals in Florida by providing the most respectful and uplifting ash-scattering service.

The ceremony is meant to celebrate the life of your loved ones. They offer a whole host of customizable options to make your experience unique.

While still viewed as unconventional by some, many people see ash scattering as a breath of fresh air. Traditional burials are usually considered very dark and sullen events. Ash-scattering, on the other hand, offers a more positive and mystical approach to laying a deceased loved one to rest.

For some, this is very important, as each of us has our own ways of healing. Burial ceremonies are one way of moving on and letting go for most people. An ash scattering ceremony in the ocean can be a symbolic way of bidding farewell to a loved one in a way that reconnects us to nature and the circle of life. Instead of mourning, funerals become an opportunity to celebrate a life lived and paves the way for healing.

Aside from being sullen, traditional burials can be very expensive as well. A single burial plot in Florida can cost an average of $1,200. That doesn’t include the casket, embalming and other funeral fees which can add up to several thousand dollars.

Starting at only $140 for the unaccompanied option, ash-scattering provides a more economical alternative. Beautiful burial urns are available to choose from and accompanied service options are available for your whole family to join.

You can inquire about their services by calling them at +1 (888) 391-6775 or emailing them at info@bigblueseaservices.com. Learn more by visiting their website at https://bigblueseaservices.com.

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