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List Of GWEN Towers With AM-GWEN Towers Bjt

August 24, 1986 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Here is a partial list of sites of towers for the Ground Wave Emergency Network, an Air Force project intended to help military communications keep operating despite the electromagnetic effects of a nuclear explosion. The towers are in various stages of planning and construction:

Topeka, Kan.; Hawk Run, Pa.; Gettysburg, Pa.; Mechanicsville, Iowa; Canton, Okla.; Hudson Falls, N.Y.; Spokane, Wash.; Pacific Junction, Iowa; Goodland, Kan.; Fayetteville, Ark., Ainsworth, Neb.; Elmira, N.Y.; Pueblo, Colo. (two locations); Aurora, Colo.; Kirtland, N.M.; Clark, S.D.; St Mary’s, Iowa.


Bobo, Miss; Grady, Ala.; Kensington, S.C.; Erie, Pa., Onondaga, N.Y.; Medora, N.D.; Edinburg, N.D.; Devil’s Lake, N.D.; Billings, Mont.; Great Falls, Mont; Appleton, Wash.; Mequon, Wis.; Sherman Mills, Maine; Castine, Maine.

Rocky Flats, Colo.; Remsen, N.Y; Driver, Va.; Macon, Ga.; Hackleburg, Ala.; Savannah Beach, Ga.; southeastern Massachusetts (two locations); central Massachusetts; Beaufort, N.C.; Biggs, Calif., and Eugene, Ore.