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Idaho Falls surrogate delivers twins for Icelandic couple

December 26, 2016

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — Amanda Byrd’s desire to help extended to her role as a surrogate.

After several years of consideration, the Idaho Falls woman contacted a Boston agency, Circle Surrogacy, in 2012.

She completed a substantial pile of medical and legal paperwork, then got the go-ahead to choose a family in need of a surrogate.

Byrd settled on an Icelandic couple, who struggled with infertility for more than a decade.

“We were about to admit to ourselves that it would be impossible for us to have children. The surrogacy process gradually turned pessimism into hope. Being matched with Mandie turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to us,” the couple, who requested anonymity, said in an email.

Like Byrd and her husband; they were educators.

The couple also sold their cars and moved into a one-bedroom apartment to afford the procedure, which typically ranges in price from $100,000 to $150,000 according to Circle’s website.

“When I found that out there was no question I wanted to give this gift to them,” Byrd said.

She underwent in vitro fertilization, and became pregnant with twins.

“It worked. They were huge, about eight pounds each, because they’re Icelandic — they’re Vikings!” Byrd said. “It was an amazing experience.”

The twins’ parents visited Idaho Falls for Byrd’s 20-week ultrasound and when the twins were born. They stayed with Byrd’s family for several days, and the Byrds brought them to several national parks.

“We became close friends, and this time is so precious in our memories,” the couple said. “Mandie changed our life fundamentally and we think about her every day.”

The couple refer to Byrd as their life mother. Unlike many surrogates, Byrd wasn’t paid for her involvement, she said.

Byrd made a scrapbook for the children, a compilation of her childhood experiences, and Skypes with the family regularly. She hopes to visit Iceland when the twins turn 5.

“We are very proud of telling our twins about her, and we want them to get to know her in person. We have kept in touch and hope to meet them again in the next years, because in our mind, Mandie is a part of our family,” the couple said.


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