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With wintry weather in Nebraska’s forecast, emergency supply kit for cars are a must

December 23, 2018

With a major winter storm in the forecast after Christmas, travelers on the roads are well-advised to pack a winter emergency supply kit.

The latest forecast calls for potentially snowy conditions from northeastern Colorado into central Nebraska on Wednesday and Thursday, while eastern Nebraska and much of Iowa could see a mix of rain and snow. The system also is expected to extend into the Dakotas and Minnesota before heading east. Much remains uncertain, so travelers are advised to monitor forecasts.

The National Weather Service in Omaha advised Friday morning that people should take an emergency kit no matter how far they’re traveling.

“You never know how the weather might impact your plans,” the local office advised on Twitter.

Here are some recommended items for an emergency kit to carry in your car, as recommended by the Weather Service and Nebraska Department of Transportation:

Mobile phone with a charger.High-energy food such as granola bars.Bottled water.Batteries.Car battery booster cables.Blankets or sleeping bags.Extra clothing to keep dry.A flashlight with extra batteries.First aid kit.Tool kit with a knife or multipurpose tool.Duct tape.Cigarette lighter or matches in a waterproof container and candles.Whistle.Sand or cat litter to create wheel traction.A portable shovel.A windshield scraper and brush.

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