Eric Lockett suspended from NC State’s basketball team after assault charge

February 15, 2019 GMT

After being arrested and charged with assault, Eric Lockett has been suspended from North Carolina State University’s basketball team, head coach Kevin Keatts said Thursday.

Lockett, 23, was arrested Thursday morning after he was accused of striking his ex-girlfriend in the face.

Locket was released after bonding out through a pre-trial release program that did not require him to post a cash bail. He is expected to appear in court on March 27.

The woman, Saskia Guilbaud, said Lockett, who is in his last year of eligibility as a guard for NC State, hit her during a fight on Tuesday in his apartment on Western Boulevard. She was visiting from Florida when the two fought.

“I started kicking him to get off me, and he said (if) I keep kicking him he is going to kill me,” she told WRAL News over the phone. “I asked him to get off me again, and he wouldn’t, so I kept kicking him. Then I got elbowed in the eye and then he put his arm on my throat.”

She said she swung at him first, and then he held her down. Guilbaud said she kicked him to try to escape.

She said Lockett elbowed her in the eye, grabbed her throat and then let her go.

“I don’t think he was actually going to kill me,” she said. “I think he just said it in the heat of the moment.”

“I think he made a stupid mistake out of impulse,” she said.

Guilbaud said an Uber driver called 911 on her behalf.

She said she wanted the charges to be dropped.

Keatts said the suspension is indefinite while officials wait for additional information to be released.

He transferred to N.C. State from Florida International University last season.

Blake Baker, an N.C. State sophomore, said Lockett should be punished if he’s found guilty.

“I think while it’s disappointing to the NC State community, it’s important to understand that this kind of thing won’t be accepted at the university by anyone be it a student, a student athlete, or staff,” he said.