Doug’s Dugout: Lady Warriors Pitch in

November 1, 2018 GMT

YET ANOTHER GREAT COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT: Kudos to Schuyler Central High School head coach Jenna Saalfeld and her volleyball team for their community service project.

On Friday, Oct. 19, the girls assisted planting trees, shrubs, and other plants around the high school grounds. The girls gave up time on their day off from school to come and do the planting around the front entrance to the high school.

Several high school athletic teams have done these community service projects on their own time to help spruce up the Schuyler community and these efforts have certainly not gone unnoticed. Thank you to all the groups who have participated in these projects.

JUST DON’T QUIT: October 14, 2017 – Memorial Stadium – Lincoln, Nebraska – Ohio State 35-Nebraska 0, at half - the day the wheels officially fell off the proud Husker football team.

By the end of halftime, it was estimated that less than 25,000 people stuck around for the second half. That was at Memorial Stadium, a place where people always waited for the last snap of the game.

When assessing the debacle, it was generally decided that the Huskers simply quit before the game against the Buckeyes even began. That is the way that the action on the field certainly played out.

To say it was a lackluster effort was perhaps the largest understatement of all time. Now we forward ahead to November 3, 2018 – Ohio Stadium – Columbus, Ohio.

Ohio State is not the juggernaut most people assumed they would be back in August. The Buckeyes were playing well until their trip to West Lafayette where they were hammered 49-20 by Purdue.

All of a sudden, their weaknesses glared like a harvest moon on a cloudless fall evening. Their pass defense is more than just suspect, and their running game is a major area of concern.

Can Nebraska beat Ohio State? Anything is possible, but a win at OSU is unlikely. Nebraska is getting better by the week, but asking for a win this weekend might be asking a bit much under the rebuilding circumstances.

No, what most Husker fans are hoping to see is a complete game effort until the final gun sounds. To prove that the Scott Frost regime is in full swing, we need to see that this Nebraska team has no quit in them.

It should be a very interesting football game, and anything is possible. A loss to the top-10 ranked Buckeyes will not be the end of the world. JUST DON’T QUIT!

KEEP THAT SUPPORT COMING: Congratulations to you, the SCHS fans. Attendance at football games and volleyball matches was fantastic this past season.

Not only were there more people at the events to cheer on our Mighty Warriors, but the positive support and encouragement was quite noticeable as well. Let’s get even more people out to watch the boys and girls basketball teams and wrestling squad when the winter sports seasons begin in December. The players and coaches appreciate your attendance and support.

Doug Phillips is a freelance writer for The Schuyler Sun. Reach him via email at SCHsports@lee.net