Moos: ‘I’m not sure our stadium was totally ready’ if kickoff had been in afternoon

September 6, 2018

Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos pretty much covered all bases Wednesday as he met with media to discuss cancellation of Saturday night’s home game against Akron because of thunderstorms and sustained lightning.

One question lingers: With forecasts most of last week calling for foul weather Saturday, did Nebraska officials ever consider moving the kickoff time to earlier in the day? Would Fox have been amenable to, say, a 3 p.m. kickoff instead of 7 p.m. start? What were Moos’ thoughts?

“Maybe that’s something to look at in the future,” Moos said. However, “You have to have the officials lined up. And when you’re putting together a show like we do, you have all the concessions, and I’m not sure our stadium was totally ready with all the work we did this summer. It was kind of like the paint was still drying at kickoff. It would’ve created some challenges.”

What’s more, “You have people driving and making their plans. There are no really easy solutions.”

It was an interesting night, to say the least. After the teams were sent to their respective locker rooms at 7:15 p.m., there were a couple of hours when many fans waited in the stadium, on aluminum bleachers.

“We were tracking that,” Moos said. “You could see (lightning), but it wasn’t getting close enough, we felt, to become a threat. And they were having a good time. You’ve got to love these fans. …”

He noted Nebraska had one of its most profitable days in terms of concession sales.

“We were out of everything,” he said. “There were no Runzas left, no pizza. So, fans were making the best of it.”

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