Richard Johnston: A see-through agenda

March 5, 2019

Editor: I was surprised to see in your “other views” section an article by the Sacramento Bee regarding Diane Feinstein and the narrative concerning climate change. I moved here in 2017 from Sacramento, California, to escape the crazy politics, congestion, crime and illlegal aliens that were everywhere. One of the things I did before I left was to quit my subscription to the Sacramento Bee after they endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. I found the Bee and their editorial board to be very biased to the liberal progressive agenda. To quote the most disturbing line in this article “it’s the latest in a string of unfortunate revelations about our intensyfying climate crisis”. This is absurd for those of us that do our own research on the agenda of climate change and don’t buy into the whole C02 is bad argument it is insulting. What I would like you to do is research agenda 21 and find out what happened to SB1403 in 2013 to eliminate it in Arizona. This is the real threat we should be talking about.

Richard Johnston

Lake Havasu City

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