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Local student featured in SCAD student publication

April 16, 2019 GMT

Editor’s note: SCAD’s student publication “The Connector” was kind enough to provide us with full text of this article from one of their latest editions on Elizabeth Erwin, a student from Cedartown. Find a link below to read the full text of the article, or grab a copy of the April 24 edition coming up. - KM

Elizabeth Frances Erwin is a third-year fashion student from Cedartown. For the Apparel I course she took in fall 2018, her goal was to redefine the Southern belle stereotype with print matching and eye-catching silhouettes. Erwin wanted to stay true to her roots, reflect where she’s from and be inspired by her loved ones, especially her grandmother Vera Odom, who was an important detail when deciding what to create.


The Connector: What got you interested in fashion?

Erwin: When I was six years old, I would go over to my grandmother’s house and she would be sewing curtains and prom dresses for the town. Whenever I would go over she would be sewing and I would think, “Wow, that’s so cool!” She also had a big room with fabric that I would walk in and it would feel like shopping. I would pull these fabrics out and start to think what I can see out of it. Later, at ten years old, I learned to cut patterns and lay them down, and at thirteen, I started making pillow cases and dresses.

The Connector: What do you draw inspiration from?

Erwin: I am taking from my past and my childhood home which is the thing closest to me. I’m from a small town and got to the conclusion that you don’t really appreciate your surroundings until you compare yourself to others. I started to think about how I’ve never been out of the country and everyone else speaks different, if not multiple languages and are from places I have never heard of. I was trying to escape the Southern Belle but having the exposure to such a diverse student body, I was able to recreate that image with pride. My goal was to prove that the Southern belle can live in the city.

Find the full interview here.