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Aiken 150, Mark F. Taylor Agency

October 13, 2017

Life and Health Insurance Agency with 12 employees.

I started my business in 1980. I had graduated from Law school and spent 2 years with New York Life Insurance Company before moving to Aiken. I have three major areas of business:

1) My current downtown office was opened in 1984 and primarily handles group health insurance. This office has four licensed life and health insurance agents.

2) My second location is on Dougherty Road on the Southside of Aiken. I opened this office in 2003 and they primarily handle individual health and senior products. This office has four licensed life and health agents as well. The Southside location has the largest senior insurance coverage market of all of the surrounding South Carolina counties.

3) I have Independent Agencies under my company umbrella. I work with both Blue Cross Blue Shield agents and United Healthcare agents. I have run the largest network of United Healthcare independent agencies in South Carolina for approximately ten years. Due to the recent plan changes and limited distribution of new products with United Healthcare, we have just recently added three additional agencies out of approximately ten requests.

I was one of ten on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Advisory Council from 2003 to 2008. I am currently the only agent in South Carolina on the United Healthcare Advisory Council for the Carolinas. Our Agency currently represents groups from two to 600 lives and keeps abreast of government changes with healthcare.

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