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League helps young people learn to bowl

February 19, 2018 GMT

Few things are as much fun as getting a strike while bowling.

While strikes are usually fleeting — especially for young people learning the game — they provide enough reward that they keep youngsters rolling.

Just ask some of the bowlers who are competing in a youth league at King’s Lanes in Norfolk.

“It’s fun,” said R.J. Padilla, 5, who was jumping up and down at the time. “I got a strike.”

R.J., with a little encouragement from his mother, Tara Padilla, said her son loves to bowl. He already has rolled a 108 and loves to try to break 100 for a score.

“It’s great because it gives them (students) something to do in the winter,” she said.

A few lanes farther down, Bree Kucera, 16, was bowling. Bree has been involved in the youth league since she was a freshman in high school.

“I like the friends I meet and just the bowling community,” she said. “Everyone is supportive and willing to help with pointers so you can do well.”

Bree is to the point where she can offer lessons to others as well. She has a 175 average and has rolled a high game of 234.

Jason Driscoll is one of the parents who regularly watches his child each week. His son, Jaxon, began bowling in the league for the first time last fall.

Jaxon stands behind the line, looks at the pins, then rolls the ball down the lane. It looks good initially, but then it begins to roll to the left and only hits one pin.

Not one to be overly concerned — even though it happened after a strike — Jaxon grabs his second ball, and aims it again for one-three pocket.

This time he hits the pocket and eight pins fall down, earning a shout of encouragement from his older sister, Jaci, who also is watching him.

“He thoroughly enjoys getting to compete, and they are fun to watch,” Jason said.

The league was held on Tuesday evenings the first semester of the school year and is on Monday evenings this spring semester.