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Veterans Night reservations due Nov. 7

October 27, 2018

Special release

Nov. 11 each year is a day designated to remind us to thank veterans we know and love, and to remember those who have died.

In a special way we acknowledge that each veteran gave his/her time, energy, and life no matter what his duty stations or duties in the armed forces of the United States. Most left home and family, the familiarity of life, to serve at the beck and call of the national leaders.

Those people who did not serve but who were related to this group also “served” during that tour of duty because of the loss of their loved one’s presence, touch, words, laughter, tears, and all the activities of daily life. People who stayed home certainly served in a different way. All of us enjoy our freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, because of the gifts our armed forces gave us as a nation. Our gratitude hardly seems adequate as we remember on Nov. 11 each year.

In Walker County, the county’s Republican Party hosting the event. “We are expressing our appreciation to area veterans with a special Veterans Night. For the third consecutive year, members of the Republican Party choose to honor our veterans by treating each to a delicious free meal, which will be served this year at the Walker County Civic Center on Thursday, Nov. 15, from 6-8 p.m. approximately. Also invited, at $15 each, are the relatives and friends of our veterans. A reservation must be received by Nov. 7 for each participant. This special dinner is open to all no matter the political affiliation of the veteran. There will be feasting, singing, praying, dancing by a troupe of college girls, laughter, and story telling. Friendship and thankfulness are the watch words.”

Two special speakers have agreed to share their thoughts. Brian Hart, a local hero, who was an engineer in the Army, and Boyd Lackey, a resident of a nearby town who was a chaplain in the Army, will each speak briefly. Both men served 30 years, and each will present a different picture of life through his service.

To reserve a Veterans Night place for yourself and your family, call 423-364-5682 before Nov. 7.