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Sheriff: Deputy Admits Giving Inmate Gun For Escape

October 6, 1987 GMT

MILWAUKEE (AP) _ A sheriff’s deputy has admitted giving a gun to a prisoner, who used it to wound an officer last week and escape, authorities said Monday.

Inmate LaRon McKinley, 31, shot one of two Milwaukee County deputies escorting him to Madison. He was recaptured about three hours later.

The wounded deputy was not seriously injured.

Sheriff Richard Artison said Deputy Gale V. Coleman, who worked at the Milwaukee County Jail, resigned after she admitted supplying McKinley with the gun. He did not specify a motive.

Artison said Ms. Coleman was taken into custody and booked pending an investigation by the district attorney.

McKinley was given a four-inch derringer and ammunition, two sets of handcuff keys and about $40, Artison said.

The gun and keys were hidden in the inmate’s rectal cavity, Artison said. McKinley had been handcuffed before being taken from his cell and was given a ″very thorough pat-down search″ before the trip, the sheriff said.

McKinley has been sentenced to a total of 186 years in prison, after being convicted in Wisconsin and California on a variaty of charges, including kidnapping, armed robbery and carrying a concealed weapons.

He was being tnken to Madison for return to Folsom Prison in California at the time of the escape Friday evening.

Ms. Coleman, 32, has been employed by the sheriff’s department since April 30, 1984, Artison said.

McKinley is being held at the Dane County Jail in Madison.