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A reminder: When to stop for school buses

August 30, 2018 GMT

Are you prepared to encounter school buses on the way to work this morning?

All too often, drivers don’t stop for school buses when they need to, and the result could be costly. One scary video shows a driver speed past a stopped school bus before trying to back up as the young rider crossed the road.

Another video shows seven cars fly by a school bus stopped in Cumberland County.

The take-home message? When you see a bus with flashing lights, don’t try to beat it.

Most of us know all vehicles must stop for school buses on two lane roads -- even if there is a turn lane! The confusion comes when there are four lanes -- but if a four lane road does not have any kind of median, everyone in both directions must stop.

If that four lane road has something in the middle, whether it’s a center turn lane or any kind of a median, only drivers behind and beside the bus must stop. Drivers headed in the opposite direction can keep traveling. With more than 3,000 violations a day, drivers need to pay better attention, as do students. Parents should also remind their kids not to get lost in their phone or music when crossing a street.

This video was shortened, but seconds after this student crossed, a logging truck swerved into the lane to avoid slamming into the stopped bus. The truck driver wasn’t paying attention and neither was the student.

If you’re caught and ticketed, it’s a $500 fine and points on your license -- and judges told Five on Your Side they don’t cut school bus law violators any deals.