For whom the email rings

July 14, 2018 GMT

Readers reactions, edited for grammar, length and graphic disparagement.

Ken: Your nativism (Re: “Seeking delegates in Greenwich, amid pizza and wine,” April 1) is so befitting. You can’t afford to live in your hometown anymore, so let’s make sure to denigrate the people that can. Label them, make them “the other ...” The hedge funds aren’t the problem. The wealth isn’t the problem. Forty years of governmental mismanagement is what got us here…So warm up your pizza-making skills and go get a needlepoint belt ... Don’t forget to fill up your Subaru wagon!


C: Does being “the other” bother you? How does it make you feel? Tell me about those problems you face in Greenwich. What’s the property-tax rate? 11.4 mills? I think everyone should fill their Subaru wagons and move to Greenwich, because, then Connecticut’s problems would be over. Sure the Republican Town Committee would have to spring for a additional mediocre pizzas and a few more boxes of wine for their meetings. Sure, more people would have to tighten those belts with the nautical themes, but ...

Ken: In Bridgeport and New Haven, pizza is called abeets, no “p” in it; never was. Also, there is a restaurant on Temple Street in New Haven called Ah-Beets. I was born and raised in Bridgeport, worked in New Haven for over 30 years, and have lived in Shelton for more than 40 years. I know pizza. Roseland (in Derby) is good. In my opinion, the best pizza in our area is made in a place on Elm Street in Monroe called Piasano’s.


Alas, J., Ah-Beets closed about a year ago. Roseland is very good. I believe that the venerable Sally’s on New Haven’s Wooster Street is the best of the best.

Dear Mr. Dixon: In (“GOP checks out new record, chants same old chorus,” April 8) ... Like Malloy, in finest liberal fashion you accuse those who have the temerity to disagree with you as extremists. To wit, “Yes, there was homophobia at work.” How deplorable!

It amazes me that even the national press readily identifies a fundamental flaw in (Supreme Court Justice Andrew J.) McDonald, while the local press ignores it. The Wall Street Journal highlighted McDonald’s incredible anti-Catholic proposals in a recent editorial (March 29, “A Republican Pulse in Connecticut”).


G: Thanks for citing the Fox News of print — the Journal’s editorial page — from your perch in Greenwich. Those conservatives are not the “national press” by any stretch of the imagination. In March, 2009, I was in the Capitol for the big Catholic over-reaction to a planned-then-canceled public hearing on a proposal from a Greenwich Catholic to a Greenwich-Republican lawmaker in reaction to million-dollar thefts by priests in Greenwich and Darien parishes. The only thing the church hierarchy was in danger of, was more accountability to their parishioners at a time when they were caught covering up decades of child abuse, for which today, they — and you — are still paying more than $100 million for unprosecuted crimes by pedophile priests.

Dear Mr. Dixon: I can’t believe you are in sync with a watch-dog of hate, the Southern Poverty Law Center (“Scorecard of hate leaves many casualties,” April 29). It might have started out as a legitimate organization to help people understand the organizations that are unhelpful to our American way of life, but they seem to have morphed into a fascist organization on the far-left side of the line with corrupt rhetoric about legitimate, patriotic organizations.

Now about your quandary concerning, “... a bill that after years of trying, will allow foreign-born students here without legal permission to access the institutional financial aid at state colleges and universities ...” If you want to give away your money, fine, go give them your personal money to finance them ... The problem with our country is we are too generous, and this is draining our resources to help with our natural born citizens!


C: I don’t know what your president is doing, but mine is enabling racism and hate. Seems like your idea of “Dreamers” are in lock-step with his, as well. Well, questioning authority is kinda frowned upon in totalitarian states, so we’ll have to see how this all works out. The fact is, there is now a new state law allowing young people here under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, to access some of the college aid that is already part of their fees and which they had previously been denied. So, C, your generosity is expanding with the times.

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