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Sewage trouble shutters hotel

April 14, 2019 GMT

Residents at The Hoosier Inn on West Coliseum Boulevard were evacuated Saturday after a gas line and sewage lines were broken during construction to repair a lift station.

The hotel was given a seven-day notice Thursday to repair the lift station that removes wastewater from the hotel or be shut down, but with the Friday evening damage to the gas line, residents were told to find other lodgings, according to Naresh Khatana, the hotel’s owner.

Khatana said it was his responsibility to repair the lift station and it would cost between 50,000.

An employee answered the phone Saturday evening to say that the gas line had been repaired but sewage was still a problem and that work would begin anew today.


Mary Tyndall, city spokeswoman, said Saturday that police and city officials had not returned to the hotel but the seven-day order was in place.

Residents told The Journal Gazette that Khatana had refunded rent money but that it was left up to them to find different lodgings.

Two residents who left Thursday for another Coliseum Boulevard hotel said the problem had been going on for about a week and a half. Water from the faucets was available on a spotty basis, and residents were not able to flush their toilets.

However, water and toilets were available in the lobby, they said.

“We’re not worldly people,” said one man Saturday who intended to live in his red car until the problem was fixed. “We don’t have a lot of stuff.”

Still, he said the room had been his home for nearly seven years and he believed the evacuation would not be permanent.

Khatana agreed. “I want it fixed ASAP,” he said.