Discount Grocery Store Coming To Wilkes-Barre

March 1, 2019 GMT

WILKES-BARRE — A Dorrance Twp. couple plans to open a discount grocery store soon near the Odyssey Fitness Center in Wilkes-Barre. Ike and Sue Deemer will open Deemer’s Discount Groceries at 395 Coal St. in a building that formerly housed Eastern Penn Electric. Workers were busy on Friday getting the store ready. Ike Deemer did not have a date yet when the store will open but he said they will have a deli and will sell frozen and refrigerated food as well as some produce, paper products and pet food at discount prices. The store will carry both brand name and generic products. “In this kind of business, it’s what you could buy. Nothing will stay the same,” Deemer said. “The deli will have more standard products because we buy fresh.” The Deemers formerly operated and later sold a grocery store in Bradford County. They moved to Luzerne County nearly four years ago. Deemer said he likes the area because it’s near Wilkes-Barre Mennonite Church where his family belongs. Their son Gabriel and daughter Wendy were helping getting the new grocery store on Friday. In all, they will have more than 20 employees. They are opening the grocery store near other stores in the area including Price Chopper, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Wegmans in Wilkes-Barre Twp. and Convenient Food Mart, which recently opened across the street from Wegmans. Customers who come to Deemer’s Discount Groceries will typically find low prices, Deemer said. “The prices on the shelves are totally hinged on the prices we are paying. That’s how we run it. That’s always been a comfort to the people,” he said.  “If our prices go up to buy, then our price to sell has to go up. When our price comes down, then we will lower the price again. People come in and see the price went down and they love that because the deal is passed on to the public. Our goal is to have some discounted groceries.”