Stop wildlife killing contests -- Ronald Youngbauer

March 4, 2019 GMT

For over 30 years I was a high school biology teacher, after which I retired to northern Wisconsin.

Recently, I became aware of people who try to kill as many animals as they can in the name of entertainment for prizes. One such event targeting coyotes was held near Tomahawk in January.

In my younger years, I did my share of hunting, but this practice goes against what my father taught me and what I taught my kids. It gives hunters a bad name and shows a lack of respect for the animals killed.

My grandkids come to visit me often, but I know neither they nor I will forget the time we saw a bobcat in the yard, or the summer the fox had a den near our house. We feel privileged to be able to see these animals. To think of someone viewing them only as a number makes me very sad for the state of affairs for wildlife here in Wisconsin.


I encourage everyone that feels the same way to contact their state legislators (I’ve already called mine, Sen. Tom Tiffany, R-Minocqua) and urge them to support Senate Bill 30, which would ban these contests.

Ronald Youngbauer, Boulder Junction