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Jonathan Winder: County Libertarians welcome freedom-minded citizens

November 2, 2017 GMT


The Mohave County Libertarian Party welcomes freedom-minded citizens. In the days following the Oct. 16 resignation of 12 precinct committeemen from the Mohave County Republican Central Committee, the Mohave County Libertarian Party wanted to suggest an alternative to the chaos of the Republican party.

Now is the perfect time for libertarians from all of Mohave County to leave the old, backwards, tired, and exhausting GOP to join and help build something new and fresh in Mohave County. The only party who has stood for all of your freedoms, all of the time since 1971, and the only national party with positive membership growth — The Libertarian Party.

We need any and all independent and Libertarian voters to sign our petition to be submitted for ballot access in the county. We will then be electing precinct committeemen of our own. Our national platform is simple and straightforward, backed with ideological principles such as free, unburdened, and untaxed trading systems as well as belief that the reduction of government will lead us all to freer, more prosperous lives.

The power of any community, but specifically this one, to come together and say enough is enough with the tired spending and the victimless crime laws is explosive, and it is necessary, for in a Republic the change has to start at home. Don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff. Let’s keep our laws central to those points.

We have set up the groundwork. Everything going forward is laid in place. We only need you. Please feel free to contact us at mohavelibertarians@gmail.com.

Jonathan Winder

Mohave County Libertarian Party